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School Links

Many schools both within Malawi and Worldwide are involved in environmental programmes and school gardens and there is massive potential to educate on diverse topics and to increase our learning by sharing ideas. Importantly too, agriculture and the natural world is an area that the majority of people living here in Malawi are close to, and as such have a lot of knowledge of. This helps to balance the more normal information flow which invariably can flow the other way.

Within our core programme in Nkhata Bay we try and link our MSPC schools together as much as possible. There are many things they can learn from each other if they develop the habit of sharing and this potential would increase by extending the network to include schools further afield, both within Malawi and beyond.


Links further afield have been trialled in different ways and with differing amounts of success and it is an area we would love to develop more.  There are many ways this could take shape from a one off project or session to potentially a longer term school link.  One key element we have learnt is that the school should also be involved in teaching environmental or sustainability issues or be involved in school gardens, permaculture or similar topics as the children then have the common ground over which to discuss these and wider issues.

If you are working with a school, or know of a school that may be interested to link with MSPC then please contact us to discuss the possibilities.  We are flexible to ideas and feel it could be a really beneficial way to continue consolidating and expanding the learning.

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