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MSPC Partner Programmes


Partner Programme Introduction

We conducted a pilot partner programme in 2018-19 with five organisations around Malawi, to test how our school permaculture club model works with other organisations leading it and in other localities. We learned that success depends on:

  • The commitment of the partner to follow and implement the MSPC programme, and engage with MSPC.

  • The commitment of the partner to support their schools in establishing the clubs, as suggested by MSPC.

  • Starting clubs at multiple schools in one area, to build momentum and reach critical mass to form a network of successful permaculture schools. We are recommending that partners should be looking to invite new schools at the end of the second year of involvement.


We are currently seeking one or two organisations from other Districts in Malawi, to become Involved Partners. We want to work together to continue delivering a strong programme and further develop the network of permaculture schools. 


3 Year Involved Partner Programme

The aim of this partnership is to replicate our existing Nkhata Bay model in other Districts around Malawi, hubs that support an ever growing number of permaculture schools. We want to work with an existing organisation in another District who have the capacity to learn different parts of the programme from us over three years and who want to work with more than one school in their area.


Over the three years we would teach the core programme, train teachers and core elements of the programme including the training and support work. Over the three years the organisation would be able to run the programme independently themselves,
as we do in Nkhata Bay.


Single School Partnerships (Malawi) 

The aim of this partnership is to offer the programme for an individual or an organisation working with just one school. It takes the self selecting nature out of the programme but if the partner is committed, then it can still be a successful programme. It would be a one off purchase of the materials with some extra direction in the first year of implementation and on-going support and communications thereafter.

Based on the descriptions above the single school partnerships would receive; Teacher Training, Teachers Pack, Site visit to school by MSPC senior team, Partner Handbook, Teacher Training for one partner staff member, Monthly check-ins by phone with the MSPC team.


Single School Partnerships (International) 

The aim of this partnership is to spread permaculture as far as possible, aimed at an individual or organisation that is working with one school. While we would not be able to offer as much practical experience, the relationship would be more two-way; partners would offer us a chance to adapt the materials for different environments as well as offer potential for further connections.

The Single School International partnerships will receive; Interactive Teachers Pack, Interactive Partner Handbook, access to additional support material as required, monthly calls with the MSPC team.

We want to create a sharing ethos with MSPC information and to develop strong links with all schools in the programme. This will help us gain feedback on our model, but also to connect teachers over a longer period, giving them a chance to share different experiences and information. The goal is a constant flow of connections, information, and feedback.

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permaculture malawi mspc
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