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One Off Donations & Regular Giving


As a small scale community project that has scaled up we have always had to look to one-off fundraising options to at first implement, and now sustain our ideas.  It was crowdfunder that allowed the initial expansion from one school to four schools in 2016 and the continued interest and enthusiasm for the programme on the ground means that we have had to find substantially more each year to keep the core programme running. 


It is our longer term aim to develop  different areas of the programme that will help sustain the core programme,  especially the partner programme, but in the short term we need to continue fundraising to support our local schools.  While the total for each school is not much, approx. £700 for the year which includes a mixture of training, materials, support, it adds up when you have increasing numbers of schools joining the programme each year;  282 this year. 

We have recently set up a regular giving campaign; if we can cover our wages on the ground here in Malawi it can at least give us some certainty as we plan term to term and any contribution or one off donation are warmly received. 

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